Jasiri amepata nafuu — Pete

01 March 2019
Safira made that possible.
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The residents of Funzi are fearing the worst. Jasiri may succumb to his injuries due to the medicine ban that Mbura placed on the island. On the other side, Kalume is stressed. He blames his goons for failing to eliminate Jasiri.

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And then something happens - Jasiri is healed and quickly recovers without knowing how that happened. Safira the mermaid used her magical powers to heal him.  

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At the palace, Sudi brings Karembo to the palace in search of a job and NImimi threatens to throw her out but Mbura forces for her employment. Karembo vows to fight back at Nimimi in the event she bothers her.

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When Nuru takes food to Jasiri she is shocked when she doesn't find him and thinks he's dead. Mbura sends Sudi on another secret plot to eliminate Jasiri but he too doesn't find him and he too thinks he's dead.

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While Mbura is celebrating, Sudi asks Mbura to visit Jasiri's house and act like he's mourning his dead brother.  Unknown to all Jasiri is alive and on his way to the palace to lash out at Mbura.


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