It's Movie Mondays this May

07 May 2018
It's movie month and we are keeping it local.
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This May we are keeping it local on Maisha Magic East. Here's what we have lined up for you this Monday and every Monday at 10 pm:

1525617056 34 the bachelor


The Bachelor | 7 May 


Age: Pg 13 Genre :Drama

Cast: Axon Wafula, Ronald Ndubi, Geoffrey Lungaho,

Director: Spielworks Media

Synopsis: Its a story of the proverbial bachelor who is handsome though unlucky when it comes to love. Every woman he dates and brings home always dumps him the very next moment. David decides to find love online. He meets a wonderful girl whom he falls in love with and gets a rude surprise when they meet.

1525617159 34 better of better


Better of Better Halves | 14 May 


Age: Pg.13 Genre :Drama

Cast: John Hinga, Samira Angela, Ann Nyaroche, Ronald Ndubi

Director: Spielworks Media

Synopsis: Greg and Jacinta were two years married when they parted ways. However, on his death bed, Greg’s father summons him and he knows he must bring his favorite daughter-in law . Greg embarks on a mission to convince Jacinta to act as his wife for him to receive his inheritance. Drama and comedy unfolds.

1525617204 34 urithi


Urithi | 21 May


Age: Pg 13 Genre :Drama

Cast: Margaret Wanjiru, Naomi Ng’ang’a

Director: Spielworks Media

Synopsis: When a long lost, rich cousin dies, a woman is named the custodian of his last will. During the funeral, hidden secrets and lies come out creating endless drama.

1525617246 34 warembo


Warembo | 28 May 


Age: Pg. 13 Genre :Drama

Cast: Naomi Ng’ang’a, Wendy Mary

Director: Spielworks Media

Synopsis: An annual beauty contest seems to be going well until a woman is told that she is too ‘fat’ to compete. Determined to prove them wrong, she enters the competition


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