Is Njoro’s Mombasa move the right one? — Njoro wa Uba

10 March 2021
Sio lazima is the new mantra Njoro has adopted since he arrived in the coastal city of Mombasa.
njoro wa uba

Nairobi hasn’t been kind to Njoro, so on a whim, he drove out of the city after a particularly tough day and headed straight for Mombasa. Seduced by the friendliness and simplicity of life in the new city, Njoro decided to give life on the seaside a try.

Here are some things that have happed so far:

A convenient convenience

Upon arrival, Njoro found himself a new flame, Kadzo, who has firmly entrenched herself as Njoro’s wife. She has gone all out for him and one would think that’s all a man wants, right? Apparently not for Njoro, who is not used to this kind of attention. After they met, Kadzo moved in with Njoro and made herself comfortable around the house. She assumed her wifely duties and did all the house chores for Njoro.

Stacy visits Njoro

After being apart for many months, Stacy finally visited her father albeit with an unwelcome third wheel in tow – Jezebel. Njoro ensured that he made up for lost time and spent the whole day with his daughter; something he was not able to do while in Nairobi. As for Jezebel, she had the time of her life in Mombasa at Njoro’s expense and for a change, she complained less.

What could be next for Njoro?

  1. He’ll settle in Mombasa permanently

Since Mombasa has been good to Njoro, he may decide to stay there permanently. He’s happier, away from Jezebel (his notorious mother-in-law), less stressed, has more reliable customers and a consistent income. Also, could wedding bells be on the horizon now that he and Kadzo have come to an understanding? We’ll wait and see.

  1. He’ll pack up and leave

It’s all well and good that Njoro has a new girlfriend who will do anything for him, but could she become too possessive and cause problems for Njoro. We know he is a simple man, but this connection may be problematic. Also, will his daughter and her grandmother rain on his parade and ask that he moves back to Nairobi so he can be closer to them? Will Cess, Njoro’s crush, confirm that her child is Njoro’s and not Koome’s? We’ll have to wait and see.

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