Is all love lost? — Maza

01 March 2019
Recently, Lea dropped the bomb. She wants to divorce Dingo. How will this revelation affect her family?
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Kate is out of the picture - well for now. It seems like her status has been reduced to vulnerability. She's still at the mental hospital and her endless visions about her past continue to haunt her. She is not aware of the world around her and even Dina's endless efforts to seek revenge and even harm her seem fruitless.

Leo wants nothing to do with her and to prove that he reverses Kate’s wealth to its rightful owners - Dingo, Laban and Lea.

The scar she has left at Dingo’s mansion erupts into a new wound. Lea wants to open new chapters and erase Dingo in the picture. Alongside with Matatizo, they plan to make him pay for all his heartless actions.

Laban tries to forget the past and rekindle a bright future with Pili and Hannah, but the struggle is real.

However, for Wakili, Zari is giving him a hard time, the trust in their relationship is fading and hope seems like a lost treasure.

Pamela has been lusting over Leo ever since she laid eyes on him at the hospital. She keeps tabs on him on social media and attempts to express her interest in him but he declines. She even interrupts and ruins Leo’s redeeming moment with Maya and his rejection makes her furious. Badi makes a move on Jackie to rekindle their love while Matatizo and Safari want to get married. 

Which relationship will stand?

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