"I believe marriage works" — OPW Kenya

21 July 2019
Steve came from a background that there was no food but love was present. He wanted the same for his family.
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Steve and Grace met back in 2009 when he was invited to sing at her church, which was based in Korogocho. It was not love at first sight for the two and they viewed each other as friends and sister in Christ.

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They parted ways only to meet again in 2015 when Steve visited her church again. He was blown away by her singing and he invited her to join his ministry.  With time they both two forged a relationship that soon grew into a loving relationship despite Steve having given up on finding love.

When it came to their wedding, it was obvious that the two would add some elements of what they do in their deco and cake. Their green, gold and white rich fruitcake had a bible and a microphone to represent their role as preachers. 

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For his suit or attire as Steve called it, he went for something unique and oriental. He settled for a beautiful 2-piece Indian sherwani and accessorized it with Indian footwear. 

"Hii attire ni lie! Inamaanisha ni moto kama pasi" — Steve groomsman

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For Grace, she went for a fitting gown which fitted her petite body and a splash a yellow bouquet to compliment her bridesmaids emerald green dresses. 

Here are highlights of their wedding: