How to spot a good movie – MMMovies

18 November 2021
Here are 3 ways to tell if the movie you’re watching is worth a second watch. You’re welcome!

Sure, people’s tastes vary and not everyone’s into the same things but here’s where we come in… So next time you don’t know how to feel about a movie airing on MMMovies, put it through this gauntlet and if it checks two boxes, it’s good.

  1. The movie speaks to you

If it speaks to you, it means the movie aims to do more than simply entertain you, therefore, it’s doing something right. The movie may feature characters you look up to like Mwangaza in the movie Mwangaza, or a character that you’re afraid to become like Mama Bora in Mume Marika, but what they have in common is that they’ll reflect a part of your psyche.

  1. The movie has rhythm

A movie remains good for as long as it keeps moving and if you’re a lover of all things drama, then stay glued to Maisha Magic Movies DStv ch 141 for all shades of thrills, action, and drama.

  1. You can connect the dots

This is the most rewarding thing for any audience – which involves the suspense and thrill you get from bridging the gaps in a movie and understanding why a character’s life as a serial killer, a dramatic queen or a happy soul is the way that it is.

It is our duty on Maisha Magic Movies to keep you entertained with the best of all shades of East African Movies. Stay glued!