How to have the best Maisha Magic Movies date night at home

04 February 2022
There’s nothing better than curling up with your person, some tasty popcorn, and a great movie!
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With Maisha Magic Movies, every night can be date night, and date nights with bae or friends deserve to be special, which is why we’ve put together these tips to make your home movie date night ideas to make it a night to remember!

  1. Select the movies you want to watch and check their viewing times before the date

Rather than inviting people over and waiting for your favourite East African movie to show on DStv channel 141, it’s best to have an idea of what you want to watch beforehand and check the TV guide to be sure of the exact time the movie(s) air, so you can prepare accordingly! Good thing Maisha Magic Movies provides a wide range of movie selections - from action and adventure films, to drama, comedy blockbusters and of course, romance. There’s a movie for everyone!

  1. Have a wide selection of snacks and food options

Yes! Enjoy some pizza and ice cream or go wild with some pasta and wine! One of the best things about movie date night ideas at home is that you can always go the extra mile and immerse yourself in the world of snacks, food and drinks varieties.

  1. Get as Cozy as Possible

Why is this a recommended tip for a great movie date night at home? Well, because unlike at a real theater, you can set up a super dreamy and cozy area complete with pillows, blankets, and other soft fuzzies to lounge on while you watch. Enjoy!

  1. Popcorn doesn’t always have to be so boring

Classic butter always works at the cinemas, but for the best movie date night at home, try upgrading your popcorn beyond that. Bring out your inner chef and give flavoured popcorn recipes a try just before your guest(s) arrive. This is a sign that you need to upgrade your Basic Movie Popcorn!

Date nights don’t have to be so boring, and with the pandemic, we’re happy to share these tips to help you have a great movie date night at home. What’s your favourite movie to watch with your partner or BFF? Tell us on social media platforms using #MMMovies and we’ll be sure to recommend more movies for you.