How Sunrise ended

28 June 2019
An investor is interested in building high-end apartments, threatening to wipe out Sunrise.
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Monk is worried about his mothers whereabouts. She was kidnapped by Manu's rival gang after one of their own was killed by Chuma, his right-hand man. Mwadulo, who was the mastermind of the whole operation, enlists the help of Monk to bring down Manu in exchange for the release of his mother.  He also wants the hard drives containing valuable information that Manu and his gang stole.

Monk suspect that they are at Soni's mother's house. He goes there, ransacks the whole house and finds nothing. When Soni returns, she's shocked to see what has happened and phones her mother to check if everything is ok. 

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Wamaitha, Soni's mother is resisting the upcoming development in Sunrise. She gathers all the villagers and they match around Sunrise shouting 'haki yetu'. This action leads to her arrest and she's locked up by Chief Rosa - her sister.

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Manu, on the other hand, learns about his father's involvement in the high-end apartment project and wants to know his involvement. Holding a gun to his head, he demands to know the truth. This action angers him to the point that he says he doesn't feel proud to be called Manu's father. 

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Jonnie has arrived at Sunrise and he's on a mission to find Soni. He claims she stole his money whilst when she was studying in the US. He ends up in Mwadulo's office who is surprised why they are looking for her. He instructs Monk to find her and he does. Monk lures her to Mwadulo's office where he tells him where his mother is and Soni is taken by Jonnie and his gang. Monk also gives Mwadulo the hard drives which he got them at Manu's barbershop.

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Johnnie and his goons beat Soni up, make her transfer the money to his account and leave with her. Appie and Chuma hug and make up as well as her mother Regina and her father Luca. In fact Chief Rosa walks in on them having a tender moment

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Manu decides to go for the hard drives from Mwadulo and they find him preparing to leave town. He instructs Chuma to kill him but before he pulls the trigger, Manu sees Soni's bloodied blouse. The rules change. Mwadulo asks for the hard drives in exchange for the information on Soni. 

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The end left a lot of questions: Is Soni okay? Will her mother stay in jail? Will Regina and Luca get back together?