Hii harusi haitafanyika — Pete

26 September 2019
Nimimi gave Karembo to come clean about her secret but she went ahead with the wedding.
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After Naima successfully frees Nimimi, she walks to the wedding venue where Mbura and Karembo are about to exchange their vows. She then says 'Hii harusi haitafanyika"!

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Nimimi next reveals that Karembo is not pregnant. Chaos engulfs at the wedding and Mbura is angry. He then instructs Mama Jinale and Nuru's grandmother to find out the truth.

Mbura is angry at the deceit. The truth has hurt him and he turns to alcohol. He confronts Karembo and forcefully evicted from the palace.

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There is tension between Raziya and Safira as Raziya accuses her of complacency in getting the ring. She continues to play Safira’s emotions regarding Jasiri and then resolves to go to the palace to get the ring herself. 

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Back at the palace, Mbura is remorseful for having neglected Nimimi for Karembo. Kalume sees an opportunity to rekindle his love for Karembo.  

Will he succeed? Will Raziya get the ring? Will Nimimi accept Mbura's apology?

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