Here's To Nana Gichuru

23 September 2015

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It's the story that broke the internet on a Tuesday morning. Coincidentally, it was such a pretty and breezy day, who thought that sad news would be coming our way?

Nana Gichuru, the name that is on the lips of practically everyone in town, lost her life in a grisly road accident after she rammed her BMW into a construction truck at Utawala area on the Eastern bypass.

There have been several 'conspiracies'  linked to her death, with majority agreeing that her social media posts and statuses were somewhat dark and served as the doom for her demise.

Whatever the story behind her controversial posts, the accident was truly tragic and our sincere condolences go to her family and friends for losing such a passionate and talented individual.

The showbiz industry is also mourning. And what everyone should be talking about is her raw talent and successful career as a young woman in Kenya.

So here's to Nana! We celebrate you.


Nana played various roles in several local productions.

The captivating series 'How To Find A Husband' aired a while back on Maisha Magic channel and was a great success. (Nana is pictured in Blue)

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She also released a few singles

And we quote:

''More often than not, cool tunes fly right through my mind..sometimes, i manage to grab hold of a few and keep...''

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She was passionate about photography

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She was a travel junkie



Acting was her true passion



So let's remember Nana for the beautiful soul she was. RIP Nana Gichuru, you will be missed!