“He is fearless, just and a go-getter” — Stori Yangu

06 March 2019
That's how Hon. Isaac Mwaura's friends describe him.
hon mwaura

Honorable Isaac Mwaura was born with albinism – a genetic disorder that causes the skin, hair and eyes to have little or no colour, 

His condition caused his parents to separate. He was called ‘mzungu’, some suggested that they should change his blood with the hope that his skin colour will change, while others feared and victimized him.

The challenges he faced forced his mother to take him to boarding school when he was in Class 3. 

“Mamangu alisingiziwa maneno mengi, lakini yeye alinipenda tu”


Despite all that, Hon Mwaura’s loving family helped him through the journey and they viewed his condition as a ‘gift from God’.


Things changed for him when he joined Thika School for the Blind. He met people like him which made him feel comfortable around them. He excelled well in school especially in Swahili and in debates and he was the top student every term. 


When he completed his primary education, he was called to Starehe Boys, but the Principle refused to admit him due to his condition. He ended up joining another high school and that’s when he started to champion the rights of people with albinism.

While at Kenyatta University, he was able to change the constitution to allow people with albinism to take up positions of responsibility. The awareness he created for people with albinism led him to the creation of Albinism Day and Mr. and Mrs. Albino beauty competition (the first in the world).


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