Harry and Veronica's story — OPW Kenya

10 April 2020
Harry thought he was out of her league.
willy muturi, opw. our perfect wedding

Harry first spotted Veronica at a church event hosted at the Kenya Cinema. Veronica didn't notice him and doesn't remember ever seeing him that day. Harry, later on, learned that Veronica was his spiritual mentor/pastor's sister and his dreams of ever approaching her dwindled. He felt that it would be too much pressure and expectation on his part.

Fast forward to 2018 when Harry finally asked Veronica out on a date and they bonded over the fact that they had lost their jobs and were broke. They decided to create a printing and branding company and their second date was actually in river road sourcing for T-shirts for their business. Veronica says at this point she saw the man Harry would become and not who he presently was.

Veronica says that she wants a beautiful classic garden wedding and acknowledges that she is a bridezilla because she wanted her brides to send her pictures of what accessories and shoes they were buying so that she can approve. Here are some moments from their big day. 


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