Guests on Pambio Live!

31 August 2017
Check a few profiles of our guests this Sunday on Pambio Live.

One of our guests this week on Pambio Live is Evelyn Mungai, an inspirational entrepreneur and business woman, who started the first design college in Kenya, the "Evelyn College of Design", and received numerous awards including the Greatest Brand Leader Award in 2016 and the Kapila Award of Excellence in 2014.

Recently she launched a book named "From Glass Ceilings to Open Skies", which speaks about women and their struggles. She has featured prominent women like Amb. Amina Mohammed, Cecily Kariuki, Justice Joyce Aluoch among many others. 

Majic Mike is another one of our guests for this Sunday. He's a gospel singer and producer, who was born in the slums of Soweto. He recently held the first position on the Groove Awards with his song “AYAYA,’ and is currently in the top five with his a single named "BOOM AYE" that features Kenyan gospel singer Kambua.

Our third artist on Pambio Live this Sunday is Jemmimah Thiongo. She has released 3 albums: "Alinitua", "Imani", and the latest one, "Penya" with producer Robert Kamanzi. Her story of life has been filled with challenging experiences, which are extremely inspirational and empowering - tune in to Maisha Magic East this Sunday to hear them.

Image Sources: Evelyan, Majic and Jemmimah's Facebook Pages.