Getting married? Get these elements right – OPW Kenya

22 April 2020
When two people decide to get married, they are immediately faced with a myriad of decisions regarding how to celebrate their union. These range from the small – the type of knife to cut the cake with,  to the big – the location to host the event. Out of all of these, there are some that ought to be given more thought than others, because they could make or break a successful wedding celebration.
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Different couples will invariably have differing opinions about what’s important for a successful wedding celebration. There are, however, some top elements that most couples can at least agree on them is key. Let’s take a look at the top five:

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What to wear

Whether it’s traditional, Western or a combination, it’s important that the clothes the couple will wear are comfortable. All eyes are going to be on the bride and groom and it’s easy to spot it when someone is uncomfortable in their clothes. There is nothing worse than wrestling with a misbehaving boob on a corset top wedding dress or pants that are just too tight for a proper get down. Comfort should always be kept top of mind when choosing the colours, the style, and even the accessories.

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It’s all about location, location and location!

There are so many complex factors to consider here! Other than the obvious criteria of affordability, the couple would also have to consider capacity, distance, and functionality; amongst other things when deciding on a venue. There are others who may even want to have the celebrations at their homes which brings about even more logistical considerations. Whatever choice of location, the couple would have to try and make it as hassle-free for themselves and the guests, as much as possible.


What you serve

Apparently, one cannot think well, love well and sleep well if one has not dined well. Well, we dare add that one can also not dance well if one has not dined well! How will guests at the wedding have a good time if their stomachs are rumbling or even worse, upset?

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This is why it is imperative to work out in detail the menu of a wedding celebration way in advance. This’ll enable samples to be assessed and adjusted; while other dietary requirements are addressed. In this way, everybody will be well fed and ready to hit the dance floor when the time comes.


Music is king

It may not be entirely possible to cater to all guests’ musical preferences but it is worth a try. One way to ensure that all guests get up from their seats at least once during the reception is to ask them to send their ultimate dance jam prior to the wedding. Those songs can then be compiled into a playlist for the day.  Whether it’s a DJ, a live band or both, the music being played has to be relevant and appealing to as wide of an audience as possible. Considering guests’ musical tastes will encourage a lively vibe for the celebration.

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Good vibes and good people

Speaking of vibes, the success of any gathering of people will always rely on the energies and the vibe that they bring to the party. In this vein, it worth ensuring that those who matter for the celebrants are present.  Yes, we know that in an African context, the couple may not necessarily have a say in the number of aunts and uncles who come, but the key here is for the couple to be surrounded by those who make them feel good. For example, an invite to that uncle who goes out of line every time he’s had a tad too much to drink might not be a good idea.

Do you agree that the couple’s outfits, location, food, music and good vibes are critical for a successful wedding celebration? Maybe there are other things you may want to add.  Let us know on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram using #OPWKenya