Get to know the Tehanani characters

29 May 2020
The drama explores the thrilling mind game between Haluwa and Fataki and their quest to find the fifty million shillings bond that Safari, hid from them.

We’ve summarised a quick whos-who so that you know the characters that are on your screen.

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We see him once or twice in the story and the rest in flashback. He lives in a big house with his wife Haluwa and daughter Lulu and is very wealthy. In the storyline, Safari also has a half-brother.

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She is very intelligent but does not show it outside of the four corners of her house. She is married -and has a  six-year-old daughter (Lulu) with Safari. She is aware of the unhealthy relationship between her husband and Fataki-and knows all about -Fataki’s cruelty and blackmail.

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Your typical wheeler and dealer. He is Safari’s half-brother. Fataki is very wild and rough around the edges. His mother Sofia was married to Hauna, also Safari’s father. His mother died when he was 14 years old. He lives and works in South Sudan.

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He is a corrupt psychiatrist used by Fataki to declare that Haluwa is insane so that she can be removed as an obstacle. He is a sly doctor and plans to blackmail Fataki and get the bonds himself.

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She’s the six-year-old daughter of Safari and Haluwa. She loves her uncle Fataki and doesn’t understand why her mother Haluwa says he is a bad person. She is quite intelligent for her age.


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He is the investigating officer on the economic sabotage case. After Safari is jailed, he covertly pursues his family to tell him where Safari hid the money he conned the government from.

Safari’s secretary and later Haluwa’s confidant and friend and finally, an enemy.

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Sada’s friend and confidant. She works at a clearing and forwarding company.

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Fataki's right-hand man and fellow thug.

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An undercover policewoman who pretends to be a prostitute. She works under Inspector Mwero.


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