Get to know the cast of Penzi on Maisha Magic East

26 August 2021
Maisha Magic East’s new show, Penzi, has Kenyans glued to their screens.
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Penzi is about two love birds, Daudi Mcheshi, a comedian and June Zach, a lady from a rich family, visiting his village. Despite their feelings for each other, they face many challenges as neither of their families agree with this relationship. Find out who the cast members are:


Daudi Yusuf AKA Mcheshi

Daudi is a 30-year-old comedian from a poor family in a coastal village. He is in love with June and is determined to marry her.


Yusuf Mswahili

Is Daudi and Kibwabwacha’s father and a dedicated family man. He doesn’t believe that a rich woman and a poor man cannot be together in a romantic relationship.


Miriam Yusuf

She is the youngest born in the Yusuf family, she is extremely talkative and very emotional.


Godfrey Zach

He is a renowned business man, married to Sharon. He disagrees with his daughter, June’s decision to marry a poor village man.


Sharon Zach

Sharon is from a poor background but her life changed once she met and married Godfrey. She is determined to never be poor again and loathes poor people.


June Zach

June is beautiful, intelligent and a loving girl, who falls in love with Daudi while on holiday with her family. Her family disapproves of their relationship and want her to end things with him.


Kate Naum

Kate is a 25-year-old entrepreneur and is extremely hard-working. She starts to work with Daudi and soon falls in love with him.


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