Get to know Phillip Chacha – Pambio Live

07 March 2021
Up and coming rapper Phil, to perform on Pambio Live.
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Get excited! The talented Philip Chacha visits the Pambio Live stage this Sunday as a guest performer. Here is a background on his life and his music journey.


Phillip Chacha was born in Masaba Kuria but moved Masaba and finally relocated to  Nairobi in 2002 where he attended Olekasasi Primary School. He then completed his studies at Faith Love Academy.

About his music

Phillip started doing music at the tender age of 10, when he joined his church choir. Soon after, he discovered rap music and started recording. He gained the nickname, “Young Phil” because he was always the youngest in the studio. 2010 was a great year for him as he finally released his debut album with the label Urban Scorch. This album did extremely well and gave him the needed platform to showcase his work. In 2013 he was fortune enough to meet Cannibal and Prezzo and together, they released a project.

However, 2013 also took a rough turn and Phil was involved in an accident in Mombasa. After surviving the accident, his life was never the same again. The accident resulted in him seeking more out of life and he decided to give his life to Jesus. He decided to take a long break from music and in 2017, with God as his inspiration, he released music again.

Favourite scripture

Phil’s favourite scripture is Acts 1:8. He credits this scripture for helping him have the courage to get back in the studio. He has aspirations to work with Christine Shusho, Jemima Thiong’o and Daddy Owen in the future. His favourite song to perform is ‘Solid Rock’. The song blesses him and reminds him that he was put on this earth to make a change.

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