Funzi's Hero - Jasiri

15 September 2020
A war is blooming between Funzi Island and King'amboni Island; is Jasiri is the only leader with a moral compass and fights to protect the people of Funzi?

Jasiri is caught in a battle between him and his brother to defend the people of Funzi Island and he is torn on what decision to make. After coming back to Funzi Island, Jasiri has been putting an effort into improving the lives of the people of Funzi. He is caught in a huge rift with his brother, Mbura. Mbura, unlike Jasiri, has no good intention for the island; he wants to conquer it just so he can control its people. He has captured the waters around the island and has declared that as his territory.

Although Jasiri wears his heart on his sleeve when it comes to his people, his biggest weakness remains Nuru. Jasiri is taken aback by Nuru's beauty and her determination to fight for the rights of the Funzi people. She tries to persuade Jasiri to take a tougher approach to overthrow the current King, Kiza, and get rid of his brother. Nuru believes if Jasiri plans to take a tougher approach and get rid of his brother and overthrow Kiza, the current King he might win the respect of the Funzi people and thus Kiza will relax the unfair restriction on the people of Funzi.

As a war between Funzi Island and King'amboni Island is blooming, Jasiri is the only -level-headed person thinking for the people. Will he be influenced by the -power-hungry leaders and fight dirty as Nuru had suggested or is his love for his people more important?
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