Five reasons to watch Single Kiasi on Showmax

02 February 2022
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Single Kiasi is an original Showmax Swahili show that follows three best friends, Sintamei, Mariah and Rebecca as they navigate love while maintain their friendship in Nairobi. Here are five reasons to stream it by clicking here:

  1. It’s adapted from the popular South African show, ‘Unmarried’

The ‘Unmarried’ show from South Africa was rather popular. However, the language barrier and cultural barrier was not always relatable to Swahili speakers. Single Kiasi has adapted a similar storyline but has kept it authentic to East Africans to be able to relate.

  1. Gathoni Mutua

Gathoni Mutua plays the sassy lawyer trying to climb up the corporate ladder. You have seen Gathoni before in Showmax’s first original series, Crime and Justice. Sintamei discovers that her husband of 10 years has been having an affair and must navigate the dating scene again.

  1. Minne Kariuki

You may recognise Minne from the popular Kenyan show, Ma’Empress. In Single Kiasi, Minne plays the beautiful Mariah. Mariah loves the finer things in life and will do anything to have them.

  1. Faith Kibathi

In Single Kiasi, Faith plays the humble housewife, Rebecca. Rebecca is married to her high school sweetheart and together they have two children. Rebecca and her husband struggle to make ends meet and soon she gets bored.

  1. Explores the dating scene in Nairobi.

Single Kiasi shows the good and the bad of the dating scene in Nairobi. Even if you have never been before, it gives you the authentic scene between different classes of Swahili people.

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