Father’s Day gift ideas

14 June 2019
On the 16th of June, it’s Father’s Day.
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Father's Day is a day that we celebrate men that are good fathers, men who work hard to ensure their family’s well-being. Some homes may miss a father, but they may have a father figure that plays that same important role in the family.

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Every year around the world many people around the world celebrate Father’s Day by buying gifts to make them feel special and appreciated.  This year Father's Day falls on 16 of June. 

Have you thought of any Father’s Day gift idea?

Before you pick and buy that special gift, here are some of the things to consider:

  1. Your budget

Of course, no amount of money can measure our depth of love or appreciation for our dads or those who play that role in our lives. However, think about what you can afford.

  1. His likes/dislikes

That’s the point to start when you're thinking of what to gift him with. Pay attention to his hobbies, what does he enjoy doing? What would add value to his collection of things he already has?

  1. What he needs

We don't want to buy a gift that will gather dust in the cupboard, don't we? It is advisable to buy something functional – a gift that he can use or compliment the things he already has. 

Here are some gift ideas:

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Accessories: You can choose between a personalized wrist watch, wallet, cufflinks, lightweight scarf, a care gift set, notebook, power charger, tie gift set or socks. 

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Gadgets: This is a great idea for those tech-savvy dads. You can choose between a good phone, laptop, tablet. 

Gift hampers: You can put together a variety of things that he may enjoy. If he is a teetotaler, put together a tea lovers gift set made up a variety of teas. If he loves alcoholic beverages, include some chocolates in your hamper.

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Personalized gifts: A mug engraved with his name or loving words that will make him feel like the special person that he is. For fathers with green hands, plants such as a bonsai tree will do the trick.

Besides the above, it would be a great idea to take him out for a meal - either brunch, lunch or dinner. He will surely appreciate it. 

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Happy Father’s Day!