Fans react to the Chozi season premiere

22 July 2021
Sympathy for Jared’s heart-wrenching story.

Everyone goes through an ordeal in life that has either a happy or tragic ending. The season premiere of Chozi featured the story of Jared, whose story many fans could relate to.

Jared was born into a loving family. His parents were there for him in every way that he needed. He remembers not lacking anything. But tragedy struck when death came knocking.

He recalls his mother complaining of feeling pain and his father taking her to hospital. Little did he know that it would be the last time he’d see her. Jared lost his mother at the tender age of five. Things did not get any better for him because two years later, his father also died.

After the death of his parents, he had to move to a different town and stay with his relatives. “Life was never the same again…I had to be my own parent and had to take care of my siblings,”; Jared tearfully recalled.

Here’s how fans reacted to his story:

He has not yet healed!!

He says he never wants to see anyone HUNGRY...he knows what it means....may God dry his tears....it was sooo sad

It's just so sad and heartening .for sure may God heal Gerald soul and bless his way ..he's been through a lot. Lesson learnt after a very long time of pain God will always bless and change ur life to the best version. May God Care for the orphans and less fortunate in society. Amen

I wonder where some people get the heart of making orphans suffer. Being an orphan is not by choice jamani but God is the only one who decides. I pray that God gives me a long life so that I can be able to take cares of my children until they grow old. Please Lord grant me this wish and prayer

He is my village mate and neighbour huko ushago. I remember his father was among the few with a car. Whenever he comes home we could run to see it and we used to be so excited. His father's death brought sorrow to every one of us though we were young then. I like the big man Jared has grown to be. A focused and down-to-earth human being.

Watch his interview here:

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