Etiquette for a movie night at home ? – MMMovies

19 October 2021
Your home, your rules, right? Here’s a simple guide to enjoying a perfect date night with Maisha Magic Movies!
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Many of us are familiar with the unwritten laws of watching a movie courteously in the theatres, but what about watching a movie in the home? It may be common sense stuff, but these rules need to be handed over to visitors that come to your house for movie nights. Like no noisy sweet or cookie wrappers, no mobile phones, no smelly feet, no asking of questions while the movie is on; you know, things like that. You do agree, right? After all, the same plot and drama you see in the movies at the cinema still applies to the same movies you watch at home. 

The good thing is that you don’t have to go to the cinema to enjoy the best of East African movies… but hold on! There should be basic home movie rules you should apply when watching Maisha Magic Movies in your home or at someone else’s.

It’s not the same if it’s not watched on TV

It really isn’t! And although there a few homes armed with a 50” screen, it’s a silent rule that East African movies should be enjoyed on a television! Sometimes we’re guilty of this crime and all we want to do is watch DStv channel 141 on a portable device, but we really can’t imagine watching movies like Chaumbea, Kutu or Flowers and Bricks with a screen barely as big as a finger in mind.

Have the volume at a reasonable level

You can’t afford to have someone ruin your movie moment by asking you to “turn it down a bit”, so the trick is to allow your movies play at a certain volume well enough to make your living room or bedroom a mini theatre. Just be sure to turn it down when you’re watching an action movie!

Respect the movie, put your phone away!

If you have the courtesy to at least switch off your mobile phones in a cinema, then you can put it away for a couple of hours without checking social media or your emails while watching your favourite movie on Maisha Magic Movies.

*Singing turn off the lights

Yes, it does make a difference! There’s a reason they do it at the cinema and it should be the same reason you should turn yours off too.

Of course, get your food and drink beforehand

Thankfully, the rules at the cinema and the rules at home differ, so if you want to make loud noise while munching on your favourite snacks as you sit on your couch in your Pyjamas, that’s your right. And if you decide to have a three-course meal or a big bowl of your favourite soup, no one is there to judge you or frown at the aroma. So enjoy!

What would you like to add to this list? Let us know on social media using #MMMovies, while of course you stay tuned to DStv channel 141 to keep enjoying East African Movies.