Enjoy 10 days of movies this December

28 November 2022
We are ushering in the festive season in style.
december movies,

On the month of December my favourite channel Maisha Magic Plus gave to me…. a movie to enjoy every Friday and Saturday night throughout the month of December!


That’s right! Maisha Magic has lined up the following movies to enjoy on these days and times:


Contract Love | Friday 2 December | 9:30 pm

After accepting a caregiving job, a young law student begins to fall for her boyfriend's uncle. 


Amandla | Saturday 3 December | 10 pm

Faustian, a documentary filmmaker, embarks on a journey to uncover the truth behind his girlfriend's death. 


Stowaway | Friday 9 December | 9:30 pm

Modi and Rama board a ship to France on a stow-a-way mission. Upon arrival, they realize they are still in Mombasa


Zuena | Saturday 10 December | 10 pm

After seven years of living in Nairobi, Zuena, a 27-year-old woman relocates to her rural home in a small fishing village in Mombasa where her elder sister runs a dance troupe as a source of livelihood.

Njiwa | Friday 16 December | 9:30 pm

Stranded in the forest an employer and her bride-to-be employee try to find their way home but instead find their way to each other.


Chinga | Saturday 17 December | 10 pm

After losing his job abroad, a hotelier is forced to relocate his family back to their unfamiliar rural farm to start off a new business, struggling to settle into their new lives.


Mwanga | Friday 23 December | 9:30 pm

Mwanga is desperate to join the school music group. The group leader denies him the chance to do so. His persistence to be in a group leads him to uncover the cartels who owns this group and how they run it for their own selfish needs.


Village Vendatta | Saturday 24 December | 10 pm

Douglas Oliech, a hapless tailor is threatened when informed that a member of a warring family has come from upcountry to Nairobi in order to take revenge on him in the name of their two families' eighteen-year-long vendetta.


Anti-Social | Friday 30 December | 9:30 pm

A young up-and-coming corporate lady becomes the target of a social media influencer after she rejects his advances.


Kila Mtu Chini | Saturday 31 December | 10 pm

Stuck in a bank under siege, a struggling reporter and frustrated bank manager form an interesting bond. Not everything is what it seems.


So, get your popcorn ready, your favourite drink and enjoy all the movies this December.