Dazlah & Kenzo Rock The Turn Up!

01 March 2018
The guest reveal on #TheTurnUp is always a treat for our Fans! Check out who will be rocking the show this Saturday! We keep it Fresh!
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On the Turn Up every week, our celebrity guests are engaging, very cool and totally trending! This week, we will be hosting the talented, award-winning Suleiman Kibwana a.k.a Dazlah, a renowned artiste from Coast County and an accomplished Singer, performing artist and songwriter, Kenzo!


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Suleiman Hassan Kibwana (Born 29th April), popularly known by his stage name Dazlah Kiduche (or simply Dazlah) is a successful Kenyan recording artist.

He is best known for his hit song ‘Kidekide’. Dazlah has won numerous awards at Nzumari Awards, Kenya Coast Music Awards, Mombasa Awards, Mzuka Awards and is a nominated Pulse Music Video Award, 

Dazlah is considered to be the most influential artiste by his fans and is rumored to be the best performing artist at the moment.

He is believed to be the highest selling Kenyan artists of ringtones by mobile phones companies in 2016/2017.



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Kenzo started out at Ogopa deejays as a singer-songwriter and a performing artist. He has written numerous songs hit songs for Kenyan artists.

Kenzo joined Pacho recently and has been producing hits ever since.

Some of his Chart bangers are:



Wapi na bado

Maintainance fee ft. Cannibal the Mama Reggae version

Last year marked 10 years since his first single 'Mama Milka' hit the airwaves.

He is set to release his album this year (2018) having already released singles from the album entitled 'Love lifes.  Kenzo has released another one entitled #hoi and #TurnUp cannot wait for the release of the video!

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