19 January 2016
Maisha Magic East is seeking to commission an authentic Kenyan Kiswahili /Sheng 'Shags to Riches' Weekly Drama series. Read more.

Maisha Magic East is a General Entertainment Channel on DSTV Channel 158.
The Channel targets lower middle-class to middle-class Kenyans aged between 18-45 years.
Maisha Magic East is committed to visual storytelling that communicates an authentic and relatable Kenyan experience. Its programming is community and family oriented. It is aspirational in a realistic and achievable way.
The language used on the channel is Kiswahili as spoken in Kenya/Sheng.
Maisha Magic East is seeking to commission an authentic Kenyan Kiswahili /Sheng drama series (39x30min) targeting Kenyan middle class families. Please see the two briefs below:

BRIEF TITLE: Open Drama Brief
CHANNEL: Maisha Magic East
SERIES: 1 x 39 episodes x 30 minutes
LANGUAGE: Kiswahili
Maisha Magic East is seeking to commission an authentic Kenyan Kiswahili /Sheng weekly drama series (39x30min) targeting Kenyan middle class families. The drama can either be studio or location based. It should be original, simple, unique and with some comedy element. Episodic storylines can be self-contained or continuous but story must wrap at 39 episodes.

BRIEF TITLE: Shags to Riches
CHANNEL: Maisha Magic East
SERIES: 1 x 39 episodes x 30 minutes
LANGUAGE: Kiswahili
We are looking for a compelling narrative that highlights a character’s journey from the village (shags) to the city. The character is in pursuit of his/her dreams and has to overcome several obstacles. Will s/he manage to achieve these dreams and what lengths will s/he go to succeed?
The proposal should include dynamic characters, with clear-cut goals on a well-defined emotional and psychological journey.
Although this will be a once a week drama, please put a soapy spin on it – we are looking for stories that have a strong emphasis on love and romance and elements of suspense that make us both worry and cheer for the main character.
2. Proposal Requirements:
• Brief synopsis of the concept and series including a Logline. Please see an example of a logline here: http://www.crackingyarns.com.au/2010/03/25/the-most-important-27-words-a-screenwriter-will-ever-write/
• A statement of intent - why is this series / story important? Why do you think it should it be produced and what are you trying to say/explore?
• The world of the story should be clearly defined.
• Character biographies for the main characters including their traits, goals, needs and flaws as well as an indication of relationships and potential conflict in those relationships.
• Episode summaries no longer than half a page for the first three episodes.
• A pilot script, properly formatted with act breaks, that is 26 pages long in Adobe PDF. Please write your script in Celtx or Final Draft and convert your script to PDF before submitting.
• Treatment/Approach
• Projected Cost per episode
• Full names and bios of key Production crew
• Contractual Information (Full names of Company, Directors & Partners, Company Registration Certificate, VAT Registration Certificate and full physical address)
• Show-reel of previous content produced if available (please include dates and broadcasting station, and DVDs clearly marked).
• List of previous productions you have participated in and your role in those productions.
• A pilot can be submitted if available. You can email a compressed version via WeTransfer to [email protected]
• Names of 3 previous clients as referees.
• The language of the show will be KiSwahili/Sheng but for the purposes of evaluation, please submit your script in English.

3. Submission process
Submission of proposals on email to [email protected] Please CC [email protected]
Delivery format: HD files for pilot episodes on hard drive or via WeTransfer. You can email a compressed version via WeTransfer to [email protected]
Technical and editorial standards required by Maisha Magic East will be set out in the production agreement.
Maisha Magic East will have the final editorial and creative control over all aspects of Commissioned Programming.


4. Evaluation/selection process

1. Receipt of proposals will be acknowledged by email notification
2. Proposals will then be evaluated by a panel of Judges selected by Director of Channel/Head of Channel and a shortlist of successful proposals achieved.
3. Pitching sessions for shortlisted proposals.
4. Selection and notification of winning proposal

All submissions to be forwarded to our office address:

Local Productions Kenya
M-Net Offices ,2nd floor Local Productions Studios
Jamhuri Grounds off Ngong Rd,
Nairobi , Kenya.

Contact person: Erica Anyadike (Content Executive, Maisha Magic East)
Contact person: Margaret Mathore (Channel Head, Maisha Magic East)