Coming to Maisha Magic Movies this April

08 April 2022
New month, new drama… Who’s ready?
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Hey there! Your plug for East African movies is here with tons of goodies we’re sure will keep your April colourful and drama filled. Keep reading for more!

ANGANILE showing on April 1 at 12:15 EAT

Forced to let go her dreams, a young girl is forced by her family to marry an older man for unknown reasons.

Mrs Principal showing on April 2 at 15:20 EAT

The drama revolves around a principal's wife who reigns terror to everybody in the school despite her not being a teacher there.

The First Eleven showing on April 5 at 13:50 EAT

An ambitious young man, Arnold, teams up with a faded retired football star, Masembe, with the aim of winning the national tournament.

The Love Birds (Njobvijo) showing on April 8 at 20:25 EAT

Grace has never been interested in being in a relationship, she meets Jack. The two come eye to eye and their feelings on love are challenged.

Ankali showing on April 11 at 17:15 EAT

Ankali who happens to be a landlord gets terrorized by Bhaga, one of his tenants by not paying the house rent.

Court showing on April 13 at 19:00 EAT

After killing an invader who forcefully enters their home, a mother and daughter find themselves desperately facing the iron hand of the law, eager to escape.

Judgement Day showing on April 17 at 15:45 EAT

Jackson, who has been a notorious gang member struggles to carve a new life for himself as a good man, whilst still trying to remain alive following threats from his gang partners.

Abomination (New Vision) showing on April 20 at 16:05 EAT

This lovers in college have everything going on for them. However, the two have major issues affecting their families back at home.

Lala showing on April 22 at 12:05 EAT

Lala is raised by her grandmother until 17 when she goes to live with her father in the city, she finds her dad searching for a wife, will they get along?

Hamnazo showing on April 24 at 13:00 EAT

This couple who are mentally challenged endure more barriers when their families seek to separate them.

Jumbled Sisters showing on April 26 at 15:30 EAT

Twins Hannah and Aria don’t get along most of the time unless they are plotting against the most favored child in the family, who happens to be an outsider and a distant relative.

Doctor (Ashiner) showing on April 30 at 12:55 EAT

Doctor manipulates Becky whose mother needs an urgent kidney surgery. Since she cannot raise the money, the doctor agrees to help her on conditions.


Of course, we’re here to give you tips on ways to enjoy these movies with friends and family, so you’ll have a thrilling April:

  • Stay connected to DStv Access, Compact and Premium packages to enjoy the best of East African entertainment on DStv channel 141
  • Stock up on your favourite snacks, drinks, candies, popcorn, everything, and anything to keep your belly dancing while you enjoy the movies, we have in store for you
  • Invite family and friends so you don’t drown in all the drama all by yourself
  • Finally, make sure you have a good internet connection so you can tweet about your favourite scene(s), actor(s) and moments from your favourite movies using the hashtag #MMMovies.