Coming Soon: Jikoni and Matwana Matatu Culture

29 October 2018
Two reasons why you should keep it Maisha Magic East every Saturday.
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We are giving you even more reasons to tune in to Kenya's best entertainment channel — Maisha Magic East! This month, we're adding two more shows for your viewing pleasure! Jikoni and Matwana Matatu Culture will premiere on 3 November at 4 pm and 9:30 pm respectively!

About Jikoni

Jikoni is a Swahili word meaning kitchen as the name suggests, is a twenty-five-minute cooking show where different meals are prepared by different chefs. The show is hosted by none other than Aisha Wajiku who introduces the chef for the day. The chef then introduces the meal of the day, the recipe and shows a step-by-step of how the meal is prepared. 

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That's not all.

The chef also explains where the meal has come from and the cultural background behind.

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Jikoni premieres on 3 November at 4 pm.

About Matwana Matatu Culture

Kenya has the most unique public transport industry in the world. It is crazy, noisy, disorganized and flashy.

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The Matatu's are pimped out public vans, that are loved by the Kenyan youth. However beyond the flashy designs and blaring music is an urban culture that has been simmering underground for the last 20 years.

Matwana Matatu Culture dives into this urban underground to uncover the amazing stories behind this culture while shedding light on the grass to grace tales of the informal job sector the industry has created for hundreds of men and women in Nairobi and other urban areas.

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What to look out for:

  • Characters like Sadam Ngamia who at 25 owns 4 matatus
  • Anna Liam one of the few female drivers who is also a musician
  • Luciana Muorotto the Caucasian famous bus conductor with Italian origins and many more others.

Hosted by Matayo Randu, the show takes a documentary-magazine format and explores the ins and outs of the industry. We will explore the best matatus, where they are made, where the music that circulates comes from and how these people make money.

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The show glorifies the good of the culture while setting a platform to rebuke all the madness the industry experiences but above all seeks to inspire the youth to seek out opportunities in the informal sectors to make a decent living for themselves.

Matwana Matatu Culture premieres on 3 November at 9:30pm.