Chris and Leah | A celebration of love

24 May 2018
Its clear that Chris and Leah are very much in love with each other.
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Chris first noticed Leah in church and made his first move. Leah was not interested because she was with someone else. She was also going through some personal challenges and all she wanted was to be alone so that she could deal with them herself. 

That did not stop Chris from associating with her - in fact Leah says 'he was there for me' something that made her grow to love him.

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Their love steadily blossomed to a point where they realised they were meant for each other and planned to make their relationship official. 

Planning for their big day

Leah chose to import her wedding gown from China and it costed her Kshs 50,000. However, a week before their wedding, it had not arrived and she opted to hire a similar one for Kshs 20,000 which looked similar to the one she wanted.

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For the colour scheme, the couple chose parliament blue for the suits, black shoes, a black bow-tie and white shirts for the groom and his best man. 

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For the grooms men, they wore white shirts with an African print detail and black shoes with the same African detail and trousers. The bridesmaids wore white dresses with the African print detail on the shoulder piece, red shoes and matching red clutch bag. 

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The couple chose a rich fruit cake, which costed them Kshs 28,000 and the decorations matched the couples colour scheme - red, blue and white with a rose flower detail.

The walk down the aisle

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After some few words of wisdom from the bridesmaid, it was time to walk down the aisle. Leah looked stunning in her dress - yes her real dress that just arrived a day BEFORE the wedding.

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The wedding was held at the grounds of Consolata Church Westlands - and it was a long walk down the aisle. 

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The ceremony was filled with laughter, dance, music and it had a general aura of happiness.

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Then Leah and Chris exchanged their vows and officially became Mr and Mrs Namasaka. 

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