Chris and Felista's story — OPW

06 September 2019
Chris always admired weddings, although he still wasn’t sure about the financial challenges that came with planning for one.
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Chris and Felista met at work in 2017 when Chris had been assigned to step into her department to assist since there was work overload. He noticed her and said hi but she was too busy to answer the first time. Chris then decided to ask his colleague to request for her phone number.

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When he phoned her the first time, she didn't answer. After some time he tried again and finally got in touch with Felista, but she always seemed to be so busy for him. He tried in vain for a while, but his efforts eventually bore fruit although Felista only promised to engage him further in their conversation once he sends her a recent photo of himself.

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He complied following that he was desperate and it was after some time that she got in touch. One phone call led to another and they eventually warmed up to each other. They set their first date and for both of them, it was love at first sight.

Here are some highlights of their big day:


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