Chiku loses the baby – Aziza

12 July 2021
After using her pregnancy to bargain for Zane’s affection, Chiku suffers a devastating miscarriage.
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Mose, Chiku’s mum has always aspired to live the luxurious life. Unfortunately, coming from the slums of Mombasa, she was unable to do so and now wishes for Chiku to make it out of the slums.


After Mose marries Chacha, Aziza’s father, she inherits a new daughter, Aziza. Mose and Aziza’s relationship is extremely rocky. When Aziza starts pursuing her dream of becoming a singer, she moves out of her family home. Mose is upset because Aziza finally manages to leave the slums for a better life in the city. Mose becomes more furious when she realises that her own daughter Chiku will never be able to get out of the slums.


Mose comes up with a plan to get Chiku to seduce Zane, Aziza’s boss’ son, despite that fact that he is in love with Aziza. This night of romance results in Chiku falling pregnant.


This pregnancy gives Mose the motive to force Zane to marry Chiku, and she finally moves into the city with Zane and his family. Zane’s family is not enthusiastic about having a new daughter-in-law and Alpha, Zane’s younger brother soon learns of Mose’s plan. Chiku and Alpha’s girlfriend have a fight and when Chiku falls down a flight of stairs, she loses the baby.  


Mose is very upset after learning that Chiku has lost the baby and she forces her to keep pretending she is pregnant in order to continue living the luxurious life she now has. Will they manage to keep this lie going?


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