Charity and Joseph's story — OPW

07 June 2019
It was not love at first sight for these two. But thanks to a mutual friend, they met and fell in love.
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You won't believe it but Joseph and Charity met through a mutual friend, who happened to be Joseph’s girlfriend at the time. 

After a while, Joseph decided to send Charity a friend request on Facebook. She accepted but there was no form of communication as of yet. He, later on, he learned that there was a work trip to the coast and that Sheila was going to be part of.

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He reached out to Sheila via Facebook telling her to wait for her at the coast and promising her that she will meet her there. After two days of waiting in vain, Joseph did not show up.

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Even though Sheila was burning to ask Joseph why he didn't make it, she couldn't ask for his phone number because she was too proud to do that.  A week later, Joseph reached out to her on Facebook and apologized for his actions. He requested if Charity could give him her number so that he could extend his apology on phone.

She agreed, they met and the two unknowingly went on their first date! From that day onwards, they never lost touch.

Here some highlights of their wedding:

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