Catching Up With Maisha Magic Plus, Post-Launch

09 April 2020

Maisha Magic Plus launched on the 23rd of March 2020 and officially becomes the new addition to the Maisha Magic stable. In addition to the exciting content that is currently being shown on Maisha Magic East, notably the much-loved Selina, Pete, Hullabaloo Estate, Njoro Wa Uba and Our Perfect wedding, the channel promised PLUS more riveting drama that will keep you glued to your screens.

Maisha Magic Plus launched with three new shows which are produced by local production teams, notably Zamaradi Productions as well as Jiffy Pictures who are both no strangers to award winning content within the Maisha Stable.

The channel kickstarted with Kina, a weekly telenovela starring Sanaipei Tande, then revved up with Kovu, another telenovela starring high profile homegrown actors. Just when we thought the channel could not serve any more drama, viewers were treated to Date My Family Kenya, a reality dating show with a twist.

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The channel officially announced on equal date that Maisha Magic Plus will only be made available to the above-mentioned bouquets and that viewers can also look forward to catching up with unsurpassed classics that are also available on Maisha Magic East but not necessarily on the same time slots. These include:


o Kovu (Monday to Friday at 6.30pm)

o Kina (Monday to Friday at 8.00pm)

o Selina (Monday to Friday at 8.30pm)

o Pete (Monday- Friday at 7.30pm)


o Hullaballoo (Thursdays at 7.00pm)

o Nyanya Rukia (Monday’s at 7.00pm)

o Anda Kava (Tuesdays at 7.00pm)


o Njoro Wa Uba (Friday’s at 7.00pm)

o Monica (Wednesday’s at 7.00pm)

o Tehanani (Monday to Friday’s at 9.00pm)


o Our Perfect Wedding (Saturday’s at 8.00pm)

o Date My family (Sunday’s at 8.00pm)


o Pambio Live (Sundays at 2.00pm)

o The Turn Up (Saturdays at 12.00pm)



We're full of drama


What's your favourite show on Maisha Magic Plus?

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