Calvin and Suzette's story — OPW

03 April 2020
“We have been through it all” ...
our perfect wedding

That is a common phrase in romantic relationships circles. The couple went through a really rough patch. The groom would look for money during the day and then go to the bride’s office. They would then walk half the distance to home, and the bride would then take a matatu home as the groom trekked all the way. Once at home, they had to figure out what they would eat as food was a problem.

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To add to the selflessness that Calvin shows when it comes to Suzzette, he helped her let go of bad friendships and that warmed her heart and was proof of how much he cared for her. This made her realize that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

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When they thought things couldn’t get any worse, events leading to the wedding proved them wrong. On the day of the proposal, on their way to the venue, they got chased by patrol police.

The chaos doesn’t end there, back in the year 2014 they had to give back money collected for the wedding by friends and family due to the backlash they got from willing contributors.

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As if the above was not enough, the groom’s best man was picked 2 weeks to the wedding while other groomsmen dropped out last minute. As the wedding day grew near, he had to get a new line up.

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To make it worse, they were not listed by the church, which lead them to do a garden wedding.  In the end, though, they had a perfect wedding.