Bridget Shighadi joins Maisha Magic East’s Selina

04 October 2021
Kenyan superstar Bridget Shighadi is now a part of our very special family.
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We’re super excited to welcome the talented Bridget Shighadi to popular Maisha Magic East show Selina.

Born in the small town of Voi-Taita Taveta in the southern part of Kenya, Bridget came from humble beginnings. After high school she moved to Nairobi to pursue her passion for media and the rest, as they say, is history.

We sat down with this starlet recently for a one-one-one interview. Here is her amazing story:

How did you get start working in the media industry?

BS: I moved to Nairobi in 2009 after high school and got immersed in the world of commercial modelling. A friend of a friend told me about auditions for a Pan African commercial, I tagged along, got the role and that's how my journey began. 


How did you land into acting?

BS: Once I got into the commercial modelling world, I cultivated friendships with different creatives in the film, fashion, and music industries. This kept me plugged in when it came to opportunities in those spaces. I never missed an audition; I can’t even remember the number of auditions I’ve attended and waited for hours. 

In 2017, well renowned Kenyan film director Tosh Gitonga reached out about a new film project he was working on called Disconnect, which came out in 2018. That was my first real shot. The supporting role, Neema, whose character I played was very different to who I am as a person, but I took up the challenge. My performance in that film has opened many doors in my acting career. I got referred to the producers of the show Maria, went for an audition and luck enough I was picked for the role of Sofia, a very hateful and aggressive character, but I still managed to hack it. That’s where I got my big break as an actor. A year down the line came a new show called Zora where I played Yola which is what I’m working on now and at the same time Angelica on Selina.


Tell us about your character on Selina. What can fans expect?

BS: Angelica is a young woman in her mid-twenties who has ambitions to be the most sought-after model in the world. She is a very popular model and because her face is so recognisable, the paparazzi is always after her stories because her news, real or not, sells. She’s from a humble background and because of that she fears being broke and will do anything not to go back. She believes all she can be is a supermodel – and to be one, she has to be skinny. That’s her in a nutshell.

Expect to see a different side of me that no one has seen before when it comes to my previous roles. Here, I get to show genuine emotions and be genuinely kind to the likes of Selina. 


Five things your fans might not know about you

  • I am an introvert and quite shy in real life, despite my aggressive roles and attitude on TV.
  • My biggest phobia is snails and millipedes. I literally have nightmares of snails and I’ve occasionally cried when I encounter a snail.
  • I love 4by4 cars and my dream car is the Mercedes Benz G550 4x4 
  • My family nicknamed me ‘Baby Elephant’ when I was in high school because I was quite chubby and weighed around 65kgs. 
  • I’m from very humble beginnings and was raised by a single mother who really struggled to raise six girls (me being the last born) so I had to work really hard to get to where I am today.

Remember to tune in for #Selina every Monday to Friday at 8:30pm on Maisha Magic East, channel 158!