Brenda and Omar's story — OPW

17 May 2019
The two met randomly when they were out when Omar was visiting Kenya.
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Omar, who hails from Ghana was in Kenya for a brief visit. One day they went out and at the restaurant, they were in, he noticed Brenda who happened to be out with her friends.

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They occasionally exchanged glances and then Omar made the first move. He approached her and started a conversation. It dawned on them that fate should have allowed them to have met earlier considering that Brenda had worked in Ghana before, in fact in the same building where Omar was working and that they knew mutual people.

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Since Omar had to leave, he asked for Brenda’s number and promised to keep in touch. He later asked her out to the movies and it was after a while that Brenda gave in. They discussed and agreed on their long-distance relationship terms and luckily it worked out for them.

Wedding preparations

With Omar coming from Ghana and Brenda from Kenya, their wedding was a melting pot of two colorful cultures. Because of logistics, they decided to have the rurachio some few days before their wedding.

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Omar's relatives traveled from Ghana to experience this. As per the Luhya custom, the guests are served with traditional food such as chicken and ugali. As a man, Omar had to fish out the gizzard and eat it first before dishing out the rest of the food to the guests.

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Their cake had five flavors: red velvet, vanilla apple, cinnamon chocolate, fruitcake and pina colada. Their wedding started with a morning photo shoot or what they call the first look photo shoot. Brenda reasoned its better to have it that way so that their pictures could capture their fresh look and it would put them at ease before the real ceremony.

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The venue choice was excellent and it catered for their 250 or so guests. It was decorated with navy blue and blush hues and both Luhya and Ghanaian food was served. We wish Mr. and Mrs. Omar Fawell all the best in their marriage.

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