Bobby, Barak & Calvo on #TheTurnUp!

28 September 2017
Find out more about our guest artists coming up on The Turn Up this Saturday!

Bobby Mapesa is a Kenyan hip hop artist from Nairobi. He has been in the music industry for 15 years now and is known for speaking his mind - many of his lyrics are considered to be "naughty" by the public. Bobby believes that Kenyan artists should consciously stop imitating the West, and come up with original and local content.

Barak Jacuzzi is the new face of hip hop in Kenya - he's best known for his great beats and good choice or words. He has lived in between USA and Kenya throughout his life and has been into music since very young. It was in 2011 when he began to gain notice by the public, through cyphers and rap battles. Barak believes he's not only a rapper, but also an entertainer, videographer, host and comedian. His latest hit is called "World Around" and can be found on his YouTube Page here.

Calvo Mistari is a Kenyan rapper. He started his music career in 2003 (his last year of High School), together with Nick Osawao and Paul Otiato. They started their group slowly, releasing a few singles. It was in 2009, when the group took a break, that Calvo started his solo career. He has done many collabs with Bobby, who will also be at The Turn Up this Saturday. They are both releasing an album together on the 6th of October which is called "Murderer".

Join us on The Turn Up this Saturday at 12pm and make sure to use the hashtag #TheTurnUp on Social Media!