Bi Komo is jailed — Pete

13 March 2020
It takes Mzee Msiri's intervention to have her released.
bi komo

Just a few days ago, Nuru was jailed. Mbura agrees to release her if only she appears in court to hear her case. Instead, she sneaks out at night and runs away. The following day, Mbura's guards come to pick her up for a court hearing but don't find her at the house. Bi Komo was unaware of the fact that she had run away and she is jailed instead. 

While in jail, Bi Komo is surprised when Karembo visits her and asks her for some medicine to kill 'someone'. When Bundez visits Bi Komo in jail, she tells him about Karembos plan


Msiri meets Dalu in his dream, he's worried about the people in Funzi. He advises Mbura to release Bi Komo and he agrees. 

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