Best Mother’s Day recipes and treats

13 May 2021
As suggested by Maisha Magic Plus fans!

Mothers are special humans, and we all know they should be celebrated every day. But every year on the second Sunday of May, millions celebrate Mother’s Day. It’s a day set aside to show extra love to mothers and mother figures to show them a little extra appreciation.

This year we asked our Maisha Magic fans what they would cook for their mother on the special day and these are some of the recipes they shared:

 Facebook user Lyne Sony thought githeri (a mixture of maize and beans) would do the trick and she even gave the directions on how to make it:

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Marie Gaitho on the other hand felt that a pilau dish would fit the occasion. She even went as far as sharing a detailed recipe on how to make it:

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John Baraza shared a chicken biryani recipe. Even though he didn’t share the method of making it, judging from the ingredients he suggested, it would definitely be tasty:

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Another Facebook fan, Aly Banga had some advice for Alisa’s son Roy from the telenovela Kovu:

If Alisa was my mum and I was Roy, I would take her out on a retreat in some resort maybe in Maasai mara then niache the chefs wafanye their best and cook meals zenye ni favourite yake.”


Other fans shared these ideas:

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We certainly hope you had a beautiful Mother’s Day!