Best Easter movies to watch on Maisha Magic Movies

15 April 2022
We’ve got your line-up right here!
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Easter is a season for celebration with family and friends and while you’re feasting on your ham and eggs, we have a list of movies to keep you entertained when the celebration outfits come off and the last batch of Easter eggs have hopefully been found.

SAMBALA showing on April 15 at 12:55 EAT

A story about a young girl whose desire to get rich is put on the line when she is asked to offer her lover as sacrifice.

MY LAST DAYS showing on April 15 at 15:45 EAT

After her father's death, Ritah inherits her father's business only to face enmity from her closest family whilst still trying to fight her own illness with cancer. 

PRICE OF LIES showing on April 15 at 17:50 EAT

A young pregnant woman and her conniving boyfriend decide to blame the pregnancy on an unknowing poor man to avoid the wrath of their parents.

KATURA showing on April 16 at 13:00 EAT

Katura, an obedient house girl is forced to practice witchcraft by her witch grandmother in order to ease her chores and place them on another, unaware of the potential consequences of magic.

SOPHIA'S JUICE showing on April 16 at 15:30 EAT

A barren woman medicates her husband into impotency after suspecting he wants a second wife. 

WINDS OF CHANGE (HOLLY IMAGEZ) showing on April 16 at 16:45 EAT

After being sent from her village, a young woman struggles to find her footing in the city.

KIJIJI CHA KIHULWA showing on April 16 at 18:25 EAT

Mysterious events and occurrences grip a village, causing the local villagers to seek the magical cause of their problems

JUDGEMENT DAY showing on April 17 at 15:45 EAT

Jackson, who has been a notorious gang member struggles to carve a new life for himself as a good man, whilst still trying to remain alive following threats from his gang partners.

BETRAYED showing on April 17 at 21:10 EAT

Hell breaks loose when two sisters go head to head in a battle for who is the smartest and toughest with deadly consequences.

NJIA MBAYA showing on April 18 at 12:40 EAT

After his land is stolen, an arrogant man conjures a genie to kill his neighbours and get his bitter revenge.

NAWUME showing on April 18 at 17:45 EAT        

After losing her job as a maid in the city, Kyolaba helplessly finds herself in the middle of family land wrangles.

AGANO showing on April 18 at 21:10 EAT

A learned student comes up with an idea of a drink Alkasusu, it ends up bringing trouble to his community.

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