The best african movies on Maisha Magic East

24 July 2015
terra firma

There are less than two weeks left for the end of the month, but Maisha Magic East is full of movies to entertain you. Check bellow for movies lined up:

On Terra Firma, Martin is an international TV news journalist who meets Zaina, a human rights activist in a remote village. When Danger looms Zaina’s multi-billionaire fiancé Theo flies in to take her to safety and proposes they get married immediately. Will Zaina follow her heart and stay with the man who understands the real her, or follow the man she had promised to marry? Directed by Linda Karuru Asseko! Do not miss this movie this Friday 24th of July, at 19:00 (CAT) – 20:00 (EAT)!

34 terra firma

Shortly after Terra Firma, watch Run: A young boy shoots and kills his abusive father and his mother takes the blame and goes to prison and the young man has to look after his young brother and will go the length and breadth of the slum to put bread on the table for him. Meet the cast that includes Brian Ochieng Okubasu, Mathew Owiti, Alan Oyugi,for a moving story.

34 run

This Saturday, the 25th of July, on Silanchi A.K.A For Your Sake: Wondwossen is a 20 year old high school student who lives with his former lieutenant father under a strict control. While leaving in this situation he meet's a girl named Fikir who grew up in a condition completely different to his and starts to experience emotions and feelings he never had before and gets in to conflict with his father. Watch it at 19:00 (CAT) – 20:00 (EAT)!

34 silanchi

To end your weekend off well, on Sunday at 20:00 (CAT) – 21:00 (EAT), we present you Mama Soko, with one more movie directed by Linda Karuru: Gladys is encouraged by jane to join her in becoming a street vendor when Agatha suddenly terminates her services. This venture proves to be profitable and Gladys is able to fulfill her dreams of going back to school , but then Agatha reports them to the authorities for operating without a license.

34 mamasoko