Baby D’s guide on how to be a boss-lady – Hullabaloo Estate

29 July 2021
Baby D is trying to upgrade her life by improving every aspect of it.
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  1. Leaving a toxic relationship

After she find out her fiancé was a fraud on their wedding day, she decides to leave the relationship and move back home.


  1. Taking care of herself

After moving back home, Baby D starts to dress better. Her aunt is extremely unhappy with her because she thinks Baby D is doing it to get men’s attention, but she changes her style because it feels good for her.


  1. Moving out to a better place

After feeling frustrated by staying at her aunt’s place, Baby D decides to move out, however her finances don’t allow it. She knows the only way to make things better is by her finding a job and moving out.


  1. Eating well

After being frustrated at home, Baby D decides to meet a new guy on a date however he stands her up. This does not get her down; she plans to take herself out to a 5-star hotel for an amazing meal.


  1. Getting her driver’s licence

Finally, no boss-lady is complete without a car, and Baby D is no exception. She saves enough money to finally get driving lessons from Naboot in hopes that soon she will be able to drive and get her dream car.


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