April’s must-watch shows on Maisha Magic East

09 April 2024
Are you ready to explore what we have lined up for you?
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Maisha Magic East offers the greatest African entertainment, and this April is no different! Four shows are ending, while five new ones are starting. Here is some more information about the shows: 

Kam U Stay Season 1 | Premieres Thursday 18 April 2024 at 8pm (Replaces Njoro Wa Uba) 

We are kicking off the month with a brand-new comedy show, Kam U Stay. The show follows the Simbas, an upper-middle class family, as they navigate their daily lives in a society that views divorces as failures. Expect to laugh aloud moments as the family navigates the ups and downs of daily life  

Sanura S1 | Premieres Thursday 25 April at 7:30 pm (Replaces Kovu) 

Get ready to experience the rich Swahili cultural heritage on the picturesque island of Lamu. The show’s principal character is a beautiful young lady named Sanura, who is stuck in a bitter conflict between society’s deeply ingrained customs and beliefs and the independent modern woman she aspires to be. 

Wawu That’s’ My Dress Season 1 | Premieres Saturday 27 April at 8 pm 

Follow the host, Amina Rabar, as she assists brides and their loved ones in finding the right wedding dress.  

Our Fifth Anniversary S3 | Premieres Saturday 27 April at 8:30 pm 

The show is a spin-off of Our Perfect Wedding and showcases couples who were married five years ago. Beyond the beautiful wedding ceremony, how is their marriage going? What are their greatest joys and challenges? Be sure to catch the show every Saturday. These two shows will replace Our Perfect Wedding.  

The Last Door S2 | Premieres Sunday 28 April at 8 pm (Replacing Bare Talk with Mercy)  

If you are looking for a true-crime documentary series, then look no further than The Last Door. Join host John Allan Namu this month as he unveils hidden or unacknowledged truths about infamous crimes perpetrated in Kenya.  

Which of these new shows are you excited the most about? Take the poll here: 

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Our 5th Anniversary1%

Kina S4 | Starts on Monday 22 April at 8:30 pm

Get ready for a thrilling new season of Kina! The show is about an abadoned girl seeking justice for the murder of the man she thought was her father, while falling under the dangerous spell of a woman she doesn’t yet know is her mother. Be sure to catch the new season when it starts. 

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