An on-air friendship that is heartwarming

04 August 2020
Good friendships are good for our well-being. But not all people that are close to us can be termed as such. So, what’s the secret to good friendships?
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On Thursday 30 July was World Friendship Day. It was first proclaimed as such by the United Nations General Assembly in 2011 to promote and inspire peace efforts between countries, cultures and individuals. Good friendships though should be celebrated every day. Although modern technology has made it easier for us to make hundreds of friends, true friendship eludes many.

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Most of our telenovelas contain heartwarming friendships and one such friendship is that enjoyed between Selina and Rebecca.

They are by far, the best on-air character friends. Their friendship began after Selina helped Rebecca get out of jail. Since then they have laughed, cried and even solved mysteries together.  For example, Rebecca was by Selina’s side when they uncovered Rosette’s dark secret and ultimately saved Nelson from her manipulative ways. She also helped Selina to expose who Messina really was and most recently, she prevented a journalist from publishing a negative story about Patricia, (Selina’s mother-in-law).

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Here’s what some of the fans had to say about Rebecca and Selina’s friendship:

·selina_fans_tz: Absolutely❤️ I love her so much?

·zielona_alice: Eeeeeish... Rebecca Mrs fix it... Yeee hunibamba sana?she is a true sister to Selina... ?

·shickspurity : Very rare to get such a royal friend... she's goals❤️

·maina2626: Exactly she's indeed a darling esp to selina

·aneseky: Nampenda sana Rebecca ni rafiki wa kweli

·shiku.gathingi: ?????? everybody needs a Rebecca!!!

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So, what do most people look for in a good friend?

  • A loving and caring friend. Just like a garden, good friendship is nurtured by investing a lot of time and care
  • People are often attracted to people who share the same values and principles as themselves
  • To be a good friend you must be a good friend yourself
  • Loyalty, honesty and good and regular communication are important ingredients in a good friendship. We all need that person who can actively listen to us especially when we are undergoing a challenge and tactfully gives us good advice and support

So, whether you have few or many friends, make sure they know you appreciate and celebrate them every day.

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