A week of firsts for Maisha Magic Plus

30 March 2020
Maisha Magic Plus off to a great start!
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If you're looking for entertainment then Maisha Magic Plus is the place to be!

The brand new premium channel kicked off with a bang last week and introduced TV viewers to a great selection of shows including drama, comedy and reality.

Things got off to a dramatic start on weekly series Kina, which follows the life of a wealthy mining mogul who will do everything in her power to get what she wants.

The weekend was also packed with entertainment as Date My Family and Our Perfect Wedding premiered on the channel.

Viewers can't seem to get enough of the new shows. One viewer wrote on Facebook: "Intense drama! I'm loving how everything is unfolding. #Kina." Another one shared on Instagram: "I really appreciate it, and it will be my favourite channel." 

What are your favourite shows on Maisha Magic Plus?