A superstar’s dream is halted by an injury – Chozi

22 July 2021
A former soccer star’s life took an about-turn.

Talent is what described George Waweru best during his soccer career. Jojo, as he was commonly known, was extremely talented and when it came to sports, was unmatched. He started playing football at a young age and got better and better over the years.

Waweru ultimately chose football as a career and soon he was at his peak, playing for the Kenyan national team and later for an international team. The money was good and he enjoyed every bit of it.  However, during the course of his career, he received an injury and his life took a different turn.

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Here's how the fans reacted to his story:

Just found myself shading tears, ????

Gosh. George Waweru. I remember watching the game when he got injured. He still looks broken.

Depression is real.

            Heart breaking jamaa alisota sana

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