A heartbreaking story with a happy ending – Chozi

07 March 2021
Faith shares her painful story of loss with Chozi viewers.
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Losing one pregnancy is devastating, but losing seven pregnancies? Unimaginable! This is the painful story viewers across the country watched on the latest episode of Maisha Magic Bongo’s Chozi.

Starting a family

After getting married in 2002, Faith and her husband were excited to start a family – and as fate would have it, the couple immediately got pregnant. Unfortunately, their joy was short-lived because after a couple of months, Faith miscarried the pregnancy. She then went on to have four miscarriages from 2003 to 2008 that left her and her husband devastated and by 2008, she was diagnosed with preeclampsia.

In 2014, Faith was finally able to get pregnant again, but gave birth to a premature baby who passed on shortly after. After losing yet another baby, Faith became very depressed and was placed in psychiatric care. She stopped going to church because she felt judged and sank deeper into depression.

A miracle happens

After 14 years of marriage, in 2016, Faith and her husband fell pregnant again. This time she changed her gynecologist and was put on strict bed rest. The baby was born premature and because of their previous experiences, Faith and her husband were extremely worried the baby might not make it. Faith and the baby were kept in the hospital for a month and a half before they were finally discharged and she could finally bring her healthy baby boy home! She and her husband named their baby Ivan Baraka, because they believe he is their gift from God – and even though their faith was tested, they perserved.

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