6 unforgettable moments from Njoro wa Uba

16 November 2020
As Njoro struggles to earn a living as a taxi driver he encounters people of all sorts and finds himself in awkward situations.

With each new day comes new challenges for Njoro wa Uba – and no day is the same. Here are some key moments that have happened on the dramedy so far.

The morning after the accident

One of our favourite Njoro Wa Uba moments has got to be the time Njoro contributed money to the wrong funeral and immediately regretted it. After being involved in a drunk driving accident (don’t drink and drive), Njoro fled the scene fearing the worst. With the memory of his actions still haunting him, Njoro decided to find out whether the hit and run victim was ok. His enquiry led him to a house where -a family was mourning their departed son. Thinking it was the man he had knocked down, a devastated Njoro decided to contribute money towards his funeral, only to learn that the man had died from natural causes and not an accident. Upon realising he had made a mistake, Njoro was left torn between taking his money back, or leaving it in the contribution box.

Unataka namba?

Remember the time Njoro had to play chauffeur to Jezebel and her friends? After Stacy left for Dubai, Njoro was left with no way of communicating with his one and only daughter. His only hope was Jezebel, his strict mother-in-law who was not ready to give out her daughter’s number easily. She made sure Njoro worked hard for it. Jezebel had him transport her and her lady friends to Limuru for their ‘chama’ meeting, wait for them until they were done and drop each of them off at their respective homes. For all his troubles, Njoro ended up losing his entire day's earnings. Small waters for a daddy who would do anything for his beloved daughter!

May the real father stand up

Imagine you are in the same car with the woman you love who you believe is carrying your child – and her boyfriend who is married to another woman, who also believes he’s the father of the child. What would you do? Njoro had to go through exactly that when he gave Koome and Cess a ride to the prenatal clinic. Despite Njoro telling Cess that there’s a strong possibility that she’s carrying his child, she believed the baby was Koome’s. What she didn’t know, however, is that Koome had disclosed to Njoro one night when he was drunk, that he is impotent.

Odanga Esquire behind bars

We certainly can’t leave this one off of our list! Who could ever forget the time Njoro’s lawyer Odanga got into an altercation with the police and sought Njoro’s help to get him out of jail? Njoro was shocked when he, out of all people, received the call from the police that Odanga wanted his help. The irony was that for the better part of the year, Njoro had been trying to convince this very person to help him clear his name after the bank fraud case, to no avail.

Njoro and Jezebel become roommates

Njoro’s drinking habit affected his work so much that his ratings dropped and as a result, no customers booked him. Broken, injured and financially unstable, Njoro did the unthinkable.  He moved in with the last person he would want to be under the same roof with – Jezebel, his overbearing mother-in-law.

Hello, Eudias”

In the weirdest and most embarrassing of situations, Njoro found out that Jezebel’s real name is Eudias. To add to that, Njoro found out that Jezebel has a bae she calls “My Captain”, an endearment said to be responded to with an equally embarrassing: “My Hostess”.

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