6 things you didnt know about Ezekiel Kemboi — Stori Yangu

09 March 2019
"As a sportsman, I always want to win clean".
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Ezekiel Kemboi is an athlete, famously known as the "steeplechase king'. He earned this title after dominating the first three positions in his 19-year career as a sportsman.   

There are however there are some less known things about this soft-spoken and humble father of 5. Here are some of them:


1. When he completed high school, he turned down a scholarship offer so that he could pursue his athletic career.

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2. He declined several offers to be 'bought' by other countries to run for them. 

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3. One of his lowest moments was when he was disqualified from the 3,000-meter steeplechase race just hours after he claimed his bronze medal during the Rio Olympics in 2016.

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4. He is a trained police officer

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5. He is a member of the presidential press unit and has served both President Kibaki and Uhuru Kenyatta

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6. When he clinched his gold medal after during the the London 2012 Olympics, Kemboi broke into a dance that became his trademark. The dance, famously known as the Kemboi Dance, made him even more famous and he has since been invited in many countries around the world.