5 tips to upcoming comedians

24 January 2018
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Are you funny? Trying to build a career in comedy? Here are 5 tips for you:

1. Be confident
Even if you’re not as funny in the beginning, make sure you are confident and translate that in your body language. If you get a line wrong, just move on – a lack of confidence will only drive your audience further away.

2. Prepare well but don’t over prepare
Make sure that you have spent time preparing your jokes and that it will resonate with the crowd. Prepare, but don’t over prepare. Sometimes what you have worked on and have confidence in sharing will not be exactly what the audience is expecting to hear. Allow for some spontaneity (which by the way is our next tip!).

3. Be spontaneous
As much as you prepare, there will be small things in the environment and audience which can be used as a joke. Use that as an advantage to you, in order to show that you are fresh and that you can make people laugh about the unexpected!

4. Trending topics always win!
If you say a joke that people can relate to, you will immediately win their hearts!

5. Make it short and always leave on a high!
Don’t drag the joke for too long – people want to be impressed in the first lines. Always make sure to leave stage on a high note!

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