10 hardest languages to learn – Njoro wa Uba

23 March 2021
Njoro encounters a Polish customer with her Kenyan boyfriend and things go downhill.
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Different languages make the world a more colourful place to live in, and no one experiences this day-to-day more than Njoro.

As a taxi driver, he is in the position to transport many different customers. Many of his customers do not always speak Swahili or English, so he often finds himself in funny predicaments. In last week's episode, he encountered a Polish lady who was in Mombasa to visit her Kenyan boyfriend. Unfortunately, the boyfriend only spoke Swahili, while the girlfriend spoke English and Polish.

Njoro quickly recognised her accent and soon sparked up a conversation with her in English, leaving her boyfriend feeling left out. The boyfriend got angry and accused Njoro of trying to steal his lady from right under his nose. Of course this did not go down well with Njoro and a confrontation quickly occurred.

Lost in translation

After this funny episode, we posed a question to our Maisha Magic East viewers on what language they found difficult to learn. Here are 10 languages our viewers found hard to learn:

1. English
2. Kikuyu
3. Dutch
4. German
5. Russian
6. Kiswahili
7. Mandarin
8. Luhya
9. Zulu
10. French

Can you speak any of these languages? Don't forget to watch #NjorowaUba every Thursday at 8PM on Maisha Magic East to catch up on his weekly adventures.